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Contemporary Jazz from Eastern Europe with Romhanyi Aron-keyboards, & Peter Szendofi-drums.
Loops, Effects, & more, direct from Hungary!

***New release*** Frontier Science

Exploring the final frontiers of music, this sci-fi inspired jazz crossover album boasts creative tunes, crafty musicians and an overall high energy vibe. An eclectic crossover of modern sounds, grooves and traditional jazz improvisation, referred to as "cyber-bebop". Aron Romhanyi on keys/rap, Szendöfi Péter on drums/pads, introducing Varga Gergely on saxophone. The members of Loop Doctors are obsessed with space travel, nanotechnology, basically any area of science that involves exploration. They apply the same methodology in music: combining modern sounds with bebop, electronic music with improvisation.

About Loop Doctors

The basic idea for Loop Doctors came in 2005, when the two founding members of the band, Romhányi Áron (keyboards) and Szend?fi Péter (drums) where talking with Gary Willis about modern musical styles, during the recording of Péter's solo album. Later the band was formed, and with special guest Gary Willis on bass, and trumpet player Kornél Fekete-Kovács, they recorded the first album "High Voltage" in 2006.

The Music

Loop Doctors’ music is a medley of different styles, including jazz, drum 'n' bass, jungle, hip-hop and rap. An overall category could be nu-jazz, but Loop Doctors can also be seen in clubs, where people actually dance to the music. Loop Doctors usually performs as a duo, Peter using an 'Octa-pad', from which the grooves, bass lines and additional synths are played, and also plays acoustic drums. Aron plays keys, and also does vocals/rap. Since 2006 they regularly do a tour as a duo, and also with special guests (Gary Willis - bass, Brandon Fields – sax, Fekete-Kovács Kornél – trumpet, Szentpáli Roland – tuba, Dennert Árpád – sax, Llibert Fortuny - sax), Eric Marienthal (sax).


The first album "High Voltage" was released in 2006, and recieved the "Fonogram - best jazz album of the year 2008" award in Hungary. Special guest is Gary Willis (Tribal Tech) on bass.The second album, “White Orange Black” came in 2008, featuring classical tuba virtuoso and composer Roland Szentpali. The use of tuba as a bass instrument in this style is a completely new concept, breaking the barriers of modern arranging.The third album of the band was released in 2014, entitled “Entering a Room”. The material was recorded in New York, at Peter Karl Studios, featuring special guest Chris Hunter on sax. Gary Willis, Brandon Fields and Roland Szentpali are also featured on this album.


High Voltage (2006)
White Orange Black (2008)
Entering a Room (2014)
Frontier Science (2018)


Electro-Jazz-Funk. (Jazz, drum'n'bass, jungle, hiphop, rap, electronica crossover)

Band Members

Aron Romhanyi - keys, rap
Peter Szendofi - drums, octapad

Special Guests (depending on venue/album)
Eric Marienthal - sax
Chris Hunter - sax
Gary Willis - bass
Brandon Fields - sax
Roland Szentpali - tuba
Tony Lakatos - sax
Kornél Fekete-Kovács - trumpet
Gergely Varga - sax

General Manager

Péter Szendőfi, Aron Romhanyi

Record Label

EuroArt Media - KCG - Yellow House


Fonogram díj "Az év jazz albuma 2008"

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